LED modules

NDF is specialized in designing efficient LED modules.

In-house assembly

NDF recently purchased its own SMT equipment, which enables us to produce and assemble your customized LED modules in house.

This means that we can quickly follow-up on your demand for LED boards. NDF is also specialized in designing the LED modules; we can give advice on using the best LED’s for your specific application.

Next to that a light guide plate can be an essential part of the total luminaire. NDF can advise you on the best PMMA or other material to use for your product. We have knowledge about important aspects like high optical transmission, glossiness and endurance to weather and radiation.

Conformal coating
Since mid 2020, NDF has a coating robot available to apply LED boards with conformal coating. Conformal coating protects the board’s components against corrosion and other influences like moisture, dust and chemicals. For example, this coating is necessary when products are applied in ATEX (explosion proof) environments.

Experienced supplier

Special Light Products BV has a long history and has gained a lot of experience in the field of LCD backlighting as well as in optics. Customers are always demanding more light output, better quality of light and a brighter result. With an extensive knowledge about direct lit and edge lit, NDF Special Light Products BV can offer the best solution for any kind of application, be it display or decorative!

Size, shape and color

NDF works with a modular product platform. We use existing building blocks to develop your customized LED module. Our in-house manufacturing enables us to establish short lead-times of 3 weeks (or shorter), for low quantities and at attractive prices. We have our own measurement facilities to do life-time testing and photometric reporting.

ESD safe
Our products are manufactured and assembled in an ESD safe working environment.

Design freedom; shape can be adapted to the specific luminaire of the customer.

We can give advice on color temperature, color rendering etc.

Our knowledge of LEDs allows us to advise you on the best brands and BINs available.
Being active in the display market has given us experience in edge lighting and direct lighting; we can help you to decide for the best option for your product.

In house production
NDF has recently purchased its own SMD line, which enables us to reduce the delivery time to our customers to approx. 2 weeks.

Short delivery times
Because of our production line, we are able to deliver your products within only a few weeks.

LEDs and PCBs are only a small part of your luminaire; we can also help you in looking for the best solution with regard to light guide plate material.

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