High Bright displays

Applications: Industry | Maritime | Mobile displays indoor and outdoor

Clear, sharp and bright images under any circumstance

Solid and clear information is crucial during navigation at sea. Our 15, 19 and 24-inch high bright screens are designed to provide the customer with a clear, sharp and bright image under harsh conditions, night or day. Combined with outstanding quality and a design that is suited for each application, you do not need to look further. 

Pleasing the eyes 

Our displays are designed to provide optimal viewing comfort and bright image quality. The minimum brightness of 0,05 cd/m2 and maximum brightness of 4000 cd/m2 result in an agreeable look at the screen.

Furthermore, the displays are resistant to solar loading, which makes them highly suitable for outdoor use. No black spots will appear when exposed to direct sunlight, which allows for the possibility to mount them in a horizontal position. A feature which is one of its kind in the maritime industry.

Next to that, the design of the display is as pleasing as its performance. The seamless screens make them suitable for integration into each interior. Integration into cabinets, panels or any other construction is possible.
The LCM can be assembled in your custom housing, resulting in even more designer freedom.

Everything under control 

You decide what you want to control! Whether you want buttons, touch screens or any third-party equipment to be controlled via your screen, it’s up to you. Even communication over Ethernet is possible, making this display suitable for a variety of purposes.

At your fingertips 

Everything under control with just a touch. Our high bright screens are optionally available as touch screen control panels. The optional touch screen gives the user full control of any application without using an external mouse.


Pleasing the eyes
Optimal viewing comfort and bright image quality.


Designer freedom
The seamless LCM can be assembled in your custom housing.


Everthing under control
Custom interfaces can be used on the display.

Outdoor use
Resistant to solar loading.
Perfect view, even in direct sunlight!


At your fingertips
Our high bright screens are optionally available as touch screen control panels.

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