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NDF is a company that specializes in developing and producing customized lighting and display solutions in small series and with a high diversity.


But what distinguishes us from others?

We have a long history in lighting, so we really know light and how to apply it. Furthermore, NDF has developed a modular product platform; we can offer mass customization of shape and functionality which enables us to shorten development time and deliver price competitive products even for low volumes.

Displays for cockpit simulators

LODRA is a revolution in the field of lightline installing technique. It can be used for many applications, such as traffic and industry but also in the decorative market.

high bright displays

NDF cockpit simulator displays are equipped with ARPHOS® technology.

ARPHOS® is your guarantee for lower lumen depreciation and less color shift over lifetime.


With its warm colour and  beautiful sophisticated  design, the Caret is your choice for a cozy atmosphere and stylish ambience.


With its low energy consumption, long lifetime, easy dimming and high switching reliability, the Caret is your choice for a sustainable solution.

  • NDF follows a thorough and qualitative approach in its business processes (sales, development, production).

  • Very good quality, very good service and fast delivery.

    Smart & Green Germany
  • NDF has a high knowledge regarding LEDs and backlight systems.

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  • The customer support is very good; questions are answered very quickly.

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