Custom made LED drivers

NDF custom made LED driver;

Highest flexibility

NDF offers custom made LED drivers in various lay-outs, giving you ultimate design freedom:
* LED drivers with DALI2 offer significantly improved interoperability and additional functionality compared to current DALI systems in the market.
* LED rechargeable battery driver; offering hours of (cordless) light.

Design freedom; customize your (DALI2) LED driver

  • Driver shape
  • Variable connectors
  • Input voltage
  • Constant current
  • Constant voltage
  • Output channels
  • Output power

2 types available



Design freedom
Customize your driver

Conform 101.ed2, 102.ed2 and 207 (DT6) 
Avoid conflicts in the market with control devices of different vendors (lower installation costs).

Ease of installation
Backwards compatible with DALI1 established control devices; new driver works with old DALI1 control devices, resulting in easy installation and low costs. No need for specific control device.

Dimensions; extremely slim and small design 
Allows for countless design options for designers.

Choose your color 248 color points possible

209 (DT8) color control
All 4 color types enabled; RGBWAF / x,y / Tc / PrimaryN.
Maximum color control flexibility for established and future control devices.

16-bit dimmer
Improved smooth, stepless dimming (65.536 steps per channel). Better color consistency at low dimming value. Huge amount of different colors (248 color points possible).

Switch dimmable 
Dimmable by means of a mains pulse switch

Hybrid dimming
Analog and 1 kHz PWM dimming

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