ARPHOS® technology in DERPHOSA project

The DERPHOSA project saw NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Center) joining forces with several partners to work on new technology for cockpit displays.

ARPHOS®: the next generation LED backlights

For the short and medium term, NDF’s new and patent protected ARPHOS®-based LED backlight technology, already in production for ATC LCD displays, is currently being matured and qualified for cockpit applications. Now is the time to engage with avionics display manufacturers to discuss the benefits of integrating ARPHOS® in new display programs or the upgrade of existing programs.

Compared to RGB LED backlights and white backlights it has advantages on cost, simplicity, visual performance and lifetime performance. Prototypes have been flight tested in 2014 in the NLR Cessna Citation in various challenging light conditions. It received 8+/10 ratings  from the NLR pilots and an EASA test pilot, and outperformed current LED LCD displays. Ongoing lifetime testing (20.000+ hours) confirms that ARPHOS® is much more color consistent than white LEDs.

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