A revolution in LCD backlight technology!

Remote phosphor – how it works

The NDF advanced LCD backlight technology is based on color conversion by remote phosphor. ARPHOS® uses a blue-pump LED as a basic light source.
The advantage of this very stable blue LED is, that its wavelength can be converted to visible light in almost every color that you wish – we are able to customize the color to your specific needs.
Furthermore, the stable phosphors are hardly stressed; lumen depreciation and color shift are therefore no issue!
ARPHOS® technology is applicable in both direct lit and edge lit panels.

Direct lit

Within this principle a limited intermediate cavity between the blue pump LED and the Remote Phosphor Film (RPF) works as a mixing chamber. The multiple function of the RPF converts the mixed blue light into white light and also works as a diffuser.

Edge lit

A major advantage is that the edge lit principle does not need significant changes compared to existing edge lit systems. The light guide will bring the blue light homogeneously to the RPF which replaces the function of the diffuser and converts the blue light into white light.

Features and benefits

1. Highest efficiency
2. Limited lumen depreciation
3. High color consistency over lifetime
4. No LED binning issues
5. Customized colors

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