LCD customizing

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LCD Customizing/Upgrading

NDF designs and manufactures:

  • LCD backlighting
  • Customized display solutions
  • Customization/upgrading of LCM’s (Liquid Crystal Modules)

Application areas


Avionics displays need to satisfy high requirements on reliability, lifetime, and color consistency, while being exposed to demanding environmental conditions. The backlight technology installed in LCD displays plays a crucial role herein.

Air Traffic Control

NDF is closely following trends and developments in ATC, such as the introduction of NextGen (standardization) and Single European Sky and the introduction of remote tower to see how these impact the requirements of display backlights.


The high brightness of the medical display with ARPHOS® backlighting makes it ideal for the operating room’s high ambient light conditions.

NDF Special Light Products was present at the MEDICA Fair in Düsseldorf, 14-17 November 2016.


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