NDF was founded in 1999 by 2 former Philips employees who continued where Philips stopped developing cold cathode fluorescent products.

Ever since then, WE MAKE LIGHT.

At first the focus was on producing CCFL for LCD backlighting in high-end segments like avionics, air traffic control and medical applications. The display market is still important for NDF. But NDF is also a reliable partner for luminaire architects who wish to design something out of the ordinary.

The strength of NDF lies not only in the development of new products, but also in the co-operation with customers to offer a solution for their specific question or idea.
Contact us to design your custom made CCFL light source, or to help you with chargeable systems and lighting control systems for your fixtures.
Any creative challenge we will be happy to investigate together with you.
Our team of highly skilled engineers have an eye for design and for efficient solutions.


Some of our products that you will find in the top level of decorative applications:

CARET (CCFL) design light bulbs
– Caret Squirrel Cage – the perfect energy saving successor of the Edison Squirrel Cage lamp
– Caret Globe 115 – a beautiful addition to the Caret series

Lighting Electronics
– NDF LED driver – fully DALI2 compatible –> NEW; available per April 2016
– Re-chargeable systems; 5-10 hours of unlimited cozy light

Lighting fixtures
– Long Life LightLine; create seamless lightlines
– Long Life ShelfLine; slim cabinet lighting with optimal light distribution